Circulation and Hair Growth

Blood is a vital transport system, and blood circulation supplies life to each and every organ in your body. The subcutaneous blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients for the hair as well.


If you have low blood flow reaching your hair follicles, they gradually miniaturize and eventually shut down into dormant follicles.


Symptoms of Poor Blood Circulation in Scalp

There are various symptoms to indicate poor circulation in the scalp. These are

1. Lackluster hair, which is the first symptom of poor scalp blood circulation.

2. Decrease in volume...

3. Higher rate of hair loss than usual, showing an exacerbated hair fall.

4. Each hair strand loses its density and becomes finer.

5. New hair grows only up to the length of baby hair.

6. Hair follicles shrink and die.

Simple nightly scalp massages could give you the healthy blood flow you're looking for.