Creator: Courtney Bradshaw 

Licensed Cosmetologist


Salon Owner

Product Developer

Courtney Bradshaw  is the creator of Pretty Strands Hair Products. She is a  mother of 4, licensed cosmetologist, and innovator. Pretty Strands Hair oil, the first born baby of the line, was birthed from a need. Her daughter which was a toddler at the time suffered from a severe case of eczema.  The eczema not only affected her skin, but her scalp as well. All of the products she used made the problem worse.  Not being able to find relief from existing products, Courtney was often disappointed.Not realizing that her background of being a cosmetologist and the love for science had already prepared her for the creation of her very own products. She began her journey.Creating an amazing blend of oils that help heal her daughters scalp and hair. When her family and friends witnessed the miraculous results, she was forced to share this oil with others. She is now living her life with purpose of helping people with their hair issues with the best quality hair care products. She's helping people have the Pretty strands they always wanted.