Hair holds energy

So did you know that the tips of your hair are like antennas that gather energy from the Universe in order to stimulate higher levels of consciousness and creativity. Hair is a for sure an extension of the nervous system and is said to transmit important information to the brain. It is also believed to balance the entire electromagnetic field of your body, which in return help you to increase your life force, vitality and intuition.
This is why when we go through any major trauma or life changing event i our life we want to cut or change our hair .... It's an energy shift... Wasn't it also said that Samson strength was in his hair?

So, how can you protect the receptiveness of your hair?

1.) Use Natural hair products: Placing chemicals on your hair and scalp is not only bad for you but it can also dull your receptive abilities. Choose more clean ingredients.

2.) Avoid cutting on certain days. 

3.) Avoid too much heat : Try to let your hair naturally dry in the sun. This is said to increase Vitamin D absorption and raise the vitality of your life force. Hair dryers also emit electricity which can tamper with the sensitivity of your hair and your third eye chakra.

4.) Don’t Over Shampoo: Allow your natural oils on your scalp to clean and protect your hair. Only shampoo when you absolutely have to.

5.) Wash After Stress: It is believed that after an emotional argument or stress that the hair can build up with negative energy. Washing your scalp after a stressful day can help to release and cleanse this energy.

6.) Brush hair and let it flow.

7.) Hair Styling: Many Yogis believe that you should wear your hair up during the day to help absorb life force energy and to stimulate the pineal gland and to keep it down at night to help absorb lunar energy and enhance spiritual perception.

The hair on our head and body is powerful and gives us clues, not just about our physical body but also our emotional and spiritual body as well. Try adopting some of these practices into your routine and see if you notice a difference in your energy and intuition.