Head Scarf too tight?

I love a good head scarf when I go to bed. Besides my silk pillow it helps my skin stay blemish free from my hair products. Once I find a good one I keep it FOREVER, unless my sister or daughters try to get me for it lol. Literally, I think the longest I’ve kept a scarf was almost 4 years. I toss is in the laundry weekly or I'll hand wash it if I forget. You don't realize how much you love your scarf until you loose it! Anyway, you ever wake up in the morning and have indentations on your forehead from where your scarf rested on your head? This is a sign that you are tying your scarf way too tight. This means you are cutting off circulation and I hope you aren't tying the hairs at your nape! It isn’t necessary to tie it that tight. If you are feeling your heartbeat around your hairline with your scarf on, that’s also a sign that you have it too tight, stop now! This is too tight. If you are having issues with it falling off while you sleep, try wrapping it on a different way such as in the front instead of the back or using one knot instead of two. Let's avoid hair loss