Lunar Haircut

Now here's one hair growth hack I'm pretty sure you haven't tried along with those vitamins and hair oils.  I have a few clients that swear by this! Are booking hair appointments/trims according to the lunar calendar?


Similar to how humans have followed the moon’s cycles to determine when to plant and harvest crops for centuries, the Lunar Hair Chart coordinates the moon cycle, equinoxes and solstices, the Farmer's Almanac, Astrology, and the Mayan Calendar to show you the best times to cut your hair based on your specific hair goals. This is called Lunar Hair Care.


the moon has a direct pull not only on the tides but a variety of other living things on earth." Including hair. Theoretically. So why trim on days when that pull is stronger


The best time to cut your hair:

1) If you want your hair grows faster and have a strong hair-roots then cut and feed it during the waхing Moon.


2) If you want to slow your hair growth and to strengthen hair-roots cut it during the waning Moon.


3) You should not cut hair :


during the new Moon (the most critical period for you body)


on the 9th lunar day


on the 15th lunar day (look about your health and the lunar phase for your sign of the zodiac when choosing this day)


on the 23d lunar day


on the 23th lunar day