Stop stressing chile....

Stress and hair loss tend to feed into each other, forming a vicious cycle. For example, if you're feeling stressed out because of work, personal relationships, or life changes, you can begin to lose your hair.

So, if you've been feeling a little more stressed out than usual, that's perfectly normal. But try to check it if you can because it takes a tool in your body.  chronic stress, for example the daily grind could take a toll on your hair but, heavy stress can lead to significant hair loss after a traumatic or unexpected event.

It's also good to keep in mind that hair tends to shed about three months after your stressful event.

Normally our body keeps the hair growth cycles in perfect balance between growth of new hairs and shedding of old hairs.

When our bodies are under stress, it can disrupt this cycle causing an imbalance of when our bodies make new hairs and shed the old.


The human stress response (also called the fight-or-flight response) is a helpful tool that's helped our ancient ancestors survive dangerous situations. It's a physiological response to threats or stressors.

When you encounter something that stresses you out, your body will begin to produce various hormones and chemicals designed to help you escape (flight) or overcome (fight) that stress.

Adrenaline and cortisol are two significant substances involved in the stress response.

In small bursts, this response is beneficial. But when it's triggered constantly throughout the day, it can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, and significant hair loss.

That's because the fight-or-flight response causes your body to put several biological mechanisms on the backburner. One of these is hair growth.


ways to encourage hair growth is to reduce the amount of stress you experience by meditating, going on walks, dancing, singing, laughing, and doing things you enjoy! 


Healthy lifestyle changes are the first thing you'll want to try. This means eating healthy meals, getting plenty of sleep, and exercising regularly. That said, these choices may not be enough to keep you stress-free.

For that reason, you may also want to