Your natural crown is beautiful, majestic, eye catching, and thirsty. Natural hair needs love, care, and lots of hydration to keep those curls vibrant, healthy, and bouncing. During wash day, consider adding a leave-in conditioner to your natural hair care routine. Leave-in conditioners made with natural ingredients like the Moisture-In Leave- In spray by Pretty Strands will not only hydrate your hair, but pump in the necessary nutrients to strengthen your hair and grow those inches. Here are some of the top benefits of adding a leave-in conditioner to your natural hair wash day routine.
If you are rocking a tight curl pattern, then you already know detangling can be a long process. The right leave-in conditioner can help relax those curls for an easier and less painful detangling experience. Emphasis on less painful!
When our curly crowns are dry and brittle our hair becomes weak. When the hair is weak it can easily break off. Using a leave-in conditioner can help avoid the breakage because unlike wash out conditioners, this product stays on longer. It acts as a styling agent, and helps with your hair’s elasticity while brushing, combing and styling.
Your hair is thirsty. It needs the right product to quench its thirst without weighing it down. A good leave-in conditioner packs in natural oils, vitamins, and other nutrients that your curls will drink up like a protein smoothie. Make sure the leave-in conditioner is light. A product with too much oil, will leave you with a heavy look similar to a Jheri Curl instead of a light bouncy twist out, wash and go or fro.
If you want those curls to stay in place and not frizz up, a leave-in conditioner can be your best friend. The product helps to coat and relax the hair without the use of heavy gels and hair sprays. When your curls are hydrated they won’t frizz up like they would when they are dry. A couple of sprays of a light conditioner can also be used along with a light gel for some extra hold.
A great leave-in conditioner is just one step to having a healthy beautiful crown. Make sure your wash day products are using natural ingredients that will protect, hydrate, and nourish your hair. For a full list of products you can add to your natural hair care routine, shop the Pretty Strands collection. For more hair tips, product drops, and sales, stay connected with us on Facebook and IG.